A Life Well Lived- The Teddy Balkind Story

You may have heard the devastating story of Teddy Balkind on the news, and his death may be tragic, but his life certainly was not.


Photo Credit: The-sun.com

Newspapers like the Daily Mail, or ABC news may tell you about Teddy Balkind, the boy who tragically lost his life during a hockey game in Greenwich on January 6th, 2022. However, those papers will tell you very little about Teddy Balkind the human being as opposed to Teddy Balkind the tragedy.

Benjamin Edward “Teddy” Balkind was born on November 9, 2005 to Buck and Leslie Balkind in Greenwich (according to newcanaanite.com) .Teddy went to Friday night services at Temple Shalom according to fellow congregation member and peer Kate Putterman who added that he “knew his hebrew well” Teddy went to sleepaway camp Awosting in West Morris, CT, for eight years, and the people who knew him at that camp had nothing but positive things to say about him.  Jose Carlos Vega, one of the directors at Camp Awosting said that “Teddy was a hard worker, he used to inspire the other kids on waking up early to go to practice, he was a role model as a camper.” Vega also said that when he was a waterfront director, Teddy was very helpful: “he always used to help me with everything there, even with the things he didn’t need to, he was always supportive and kind.”

In addition to being a helpful camper at Camp Awosting, Teddy was also a great friend to his peers, always humble and kind no matter what happened. Sam Brande recounts a time when he and Teddy were competing for spots on the big war canoe team. Brande says that “ I remember I made the team, but Teddy sadly didn’t. After he gave me the biggest hug and told me he was proud of me and was waiting for me to do big things on race day.” Brande also said that this story “resembles his other first mentality that he brought with him everywhere and that’s why he had such a big impact.” Brande goes on to say about Teddy that “his smile was contagious. His laughter spread wide and everywhere he went he was noticed and loved.” Sam Brande was a very good friend of Teddy’s, and has started a change.org petition calling for neck guards to become mandatory for all hockey leagues, so an accident similar to the one that took his friend’s life never happens. 

Teddy Balkind was a valued son, friend, best friend, and an all around great person according to all that met him. Teddy was an avid mountain biker, hockey player, and motor biker who was “so passionate about sports in general” according to Jose Carlos Vega. Teddy’s life was cut short due to an injury he sustained on the ice. However, that does not define who Teddy was. Teddy’s life on this earth may have ended, but his impact will last forever. The way his life was cut short is considered sad, but there was nothing sad about the life that Teddy lived on this earth.