Get Your Milk Ready Crumble Cookie is in town!


Are you a cookie lover? Do you ever ponder and carve your grandmother’s homemade cookies? One of the worlds newly known companies cookie crumble drawing people in with delicious real like flavors into cookies. The newly opened store is located at  360 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT. 

Every week crumble cookies have new cookies, this week me and my family brought a six pack with Red velvet  , cookie and cream milkshake , chocolate chip , Oatmeal cookie batter, double chocolate chip . The bakery was beautiful, you could see this huge view of everything going on behind the scenes of making the cookies. The environment was really nice, the customer service was really good, everyone was polite and welcoming as soon as you walked in the doors. It took 5 minutes tops for our order to be done. It was 1$ dollars for 6 different cookies. It was a little pricey but It was worth it. 

Nahh this is mad good!

— Jada

I would say my favorite cookie was the Oatmeal cookie batter, It tastes just like uncooked batter, and it was so soft and fluffy. The frosting tasted like buttercream, it had a very rich taste and it was very delicious. I tried it with my sister and she said that the Red velvet cookie was her favorite. The frosting  was good and she said she could really taste the veldt in  the cookie. All the cookies taste like what they are named. I would say my least favorite was the double chocolate chip cookie. It was very chocolaty and very thick. I think there should have been a balance because it was very overpowering. Overall I would say try it out if you love sweets and if you love cookies because this is the place for you.