AP Exams: An Overview


The 2023 AP Exams will be administered in schools over two weeks in May: May 1–5 and May 8–12. Norwalk High School offers a variety of AP courses, with 20 separate sessions occurring within the 10 day period.


The Library will be otherwise closed from May 1–5 and May 8–12.


And so, to prepare, follow these tips to build confidence going into the exams!

1. Stay positive. It’s easy to get distracted, stay confident in your abilities and the preparation your course instructor aided you with throughout the year.

2. Focus on you. Staying up the night prior to cram in extra study time might seem optimal, but realistically its to your benefit to prioritize rest and reducing stress.

3. Utilize the resources available.

-watch AP practice sessions https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/instructional-resources/ap-daily.

-complete practice exams, and answer practice questions. take them seriously (yes, even those taken in class)

-if its your first time taking an AP exam, learn what to expect so you’ll feel confident and know what to expect https://blog.collegeboard.org/what-expect-when-taking-your-first-ap-exam


If you have any questions regarding AP exams or the AP testing schedule, please reach out to Emily Jenkins, A House Counselor and AP Coordinator.

[email protected].

(203) 838-4481, ext. 13214