Human Interest Story: Tanya Small

E House Guidance Counselor


Mrs. Small is the E House guidance counselor at Norwalk High School. Her first year was last school year but it feels like she has been here forever. Mrs. Small graduated from University of Rhode Island. She holds a special place in a lot of students’ hearts and contributes to all of them academically, emotionally, and on a personal level. Mrs. Small never ending love for all of her students is shown every day. She will drop anything if a student needs help. Not only is she a guidance counselor, she is also a mom. This is another aspect that impacts Mrs. Small and her motherly traits as a counselor. She has more patience, understanding, and thinks of every student as her child. When doing so, she knows that her actions are made of love and care. Mrs. Small makes sure that she makes a personal connection with every student and makes sure that they are comfortable with talking to her. She does not intimate, she gets on the same level. This makes the students feel the same as her and not as if they are lower than her. This is important in the job of counseling, especially with high school students. This is what makes her special.

Talking to Mrs. Small, she said “I’ve always wanted to work with kids and having some amazing educators in my life have led me to my career choice.” Relating to her with my major choice in Psychology, made it easier for my college application process. As well as, talking with her about my career path and what I want to achieve in my life. She also is always on top of making sure my emotions are right and gives me great advice for high school, college, and life in general. The best advice she has given someone is, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” This job makes her feel different emotions everyday. Some days she feels overwhelmed and other days she feels proud and accomplished.

Walking into her room, she is always ready to listen and help you with anything that you need. Asking her who inspires her the most, “My mother; she exemplifies the meaning of love, sacrifice, and hard work.” From a student perspective, I can tell that there is reflection of her mother. I have never met anyone with a bigger heart. Yes, she holds a lot of empathy but is also real. Mrs. Small has no problem telling straight to your face that you need to get it together. If you are doing something wrong, she will tell you that. I am beyond grateful to have an adult in this building that I am not afraid to talk to about anything. What makes her job special is interacting with students and watching all of us mature.

A message for the seniors: I’m excited for their new journey, worried about the crazy world they are heading into but hopeful they will change the future.

— Mrs. Small

This is a thank you to Mrs. Small. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done for your students. You have helped me through high school classes and the college application process. You have helped me through the rough times and was always there to give me a needed hug. I appreciate your big heart and how caring you are to everyone. I loved all of our conversations and how easy it is to talk to you. Immediately dropping anything if I or another student needed help is a trait that not a lot of people have. I can tell that you put others before you and that is a hard thing to do. Thank you for making me not as worried for the next steps after graduation and creating an open mind for me. I feel more ready and prepared for the upcoming years of my life, thanks to you. I will certainly never forget you and will miss you dearly after graduation. Make sure you tell your upcoming students about me :). I appreciate you and your amazing attributes as my counselor. Thank you.


Fun Facts about Mrs. Small-

  • Favorite Food: Seafood
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Any Caribbean Island
  • Interests outside the office: Traveling, going to restaurants, and spending time with family
  • Favorite Artist: Beyonce