Player Spotlight: Shawn Brown

Norwalk High School Varsity Quarterback

Shawn Brown was born October 25 , 2004. Growing up Shawn always loved football and his favorite position was quarterback.  Shawn started playing football in 3rd grade and has been playing ever since. Also Shawn didn’t start playing in Norwalk , he played for 3 different leagues growing up. (Stamford, Norwalk , New Canaan) When asked Shawn said his favorite was his first ever rushing touchdown because that was his first ever carry in football.  Developing through the years, Shawn has definitely grown physically and mentally, learning the game throughout the years getting him to where he is today, the starting varsity quarterback at Norwalk High School.

Shawn says his motivation is to make his mom and dad proud and that everything he does on the field is for them.  He says that “throughout the years as my competition has grown, it gets more complicated playing the game with reading defenses and the game is just so much more fast paced”, Brown says.  Brown who wears the number 7 on his chest and back, was asked if there was any reason to it.  The answer, yes, he wears it because number 7 is the number of completion in the Bible.  While Brown has his sights set on the collegiate level, his main goal, the NFL.  When asked how far he wants to go Brown said, “The goal is the NFL, but however far it’s going to take me.”