Underclassmen Gymnast Takeover

Norwalk High has a total of five gymnasts, with 4 being freshman and 1 sophomore. Let’s get to know the girls that takeover the mat.
Underclassmen Gymnast Takeover

The Norwalk Girls Gymnastics team is coached by Kelsey Martin. Valerie Munoz-Ortega is the only sophomore on the team. Munoz-Ortega is joined by four freshman all-stars. Kensey Diglio, Katie Hoffman, Chloe Knestrick, and Samantha Sargeant are all freshman at Norwalk High School. The teams home gym is at the Westport YMCA.

(All photos by Westport YMCA)


Team Member, Chloe Knestrick : Chloe has been doing gymnastics off and on for about 7 years now. Her favorite event is bars because of her routines and her favorite skill is a handstand pirouette because she is highly skilled at them and she enjoys doing gymnastics because it gives her the opportunity to be with her friends and spend time with them as well as learning fun skills.




Team Member, Valeria Munoz – Ortega: Valeria has done gymnastics for the past four years and is a sophomore on the Norwalk Girls Gymnastics Team. Valerias favorite event is vault and her favorite skill is a back tuck. Valeria enjoys gymnastics because she likes being able to do a large variety of skills and events. These abilities are what truly brings the team together and give teammates motivation to do there best.







Team Member, Katie Hoffman: Katie has done gymnastics for the past 10 years and is a highy experienced competitor, she is a level 6 gymnastics just as a freshman. Katies favorite event is floor because of having a creative routine. One of her favorite skills is back tumbling. Katie likes to do gymnastics because of her team members and she says it’s a fun hobby to have. She hopes to further her career in gymnastics at Norwalk High School.









Team Member, Samantha Sargent : Samantha has done gymnastics since she was seven years old and has been playing competitively for the past four years. Samanthas inspiration is how much she loves hr teammates and look forward to doing cool tricks especially since she’s so flexible. This talent really helped her with her skills over the years and to be successful doing her events. Her favorite events are bars and floor because she states it gives her the ability to be creative and use her favorite skills. Her favorite in particular is a layout and she has hit level seven in training.










Team Member, Kensey Diglio: Kensey’s has been doing gymnastics since she was 3 years old an and off. Gymnastics is something she grew up doing and why she has such a love for the sport. Kensey’s favorite event is floor and one of her favorite tricks are back handsprings. Kensey like gymnastics because its fun to try all new kinds of skills and she has made great friends tat she gets to do it with along the way.







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