How could lacrosse differ just by gender?

From the start of lacrosse in 1912, it started as only a men’s sport. In 1930, the sport became available for women too. Lacrosse now, after almost 95 years, still has different gender-based rules. What makes this game similar and different?
How could lacrosse differ just by gender?

Check out this podcast to get an inside on the opinions of a girls lacrosse player and a boys lacrosse player (Norwalk high athletes : Julia Bella, Dougie Cahill)




General Lacrosse / history vs present:

Lacrosse is a competitive modernized version of the North American Indian game baggataway, where two teams come together using long-handed racketlike sticks to catch, carry, or throw a ball down the field in hopes of making a goal. The game of lacrosse originated in the 1600s when Native Americans played with wooden sticks made of hickory with netting made from animal products and leather ties. It wasn’t until the 19th century when lacrosse was adopted by European colonists making the sport became a huge hit. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that women’s lacrosse was originated. Now lacrosse is played all over the world by men and women, commonly known as a hit in the Northeast side of America also known as the East Coast.

Girls Lacrosse:

The common question of what is the difference between boys and girls lacrosse is often pondered but there are many reasons as to why they’re so differently played. For starters, girls lacrosse has much different sticks than boys lacrosse. Girls’ sticks are made so that the pocket is much smaller and tighter making it harder for the ball to stay in the stick. Girls’ lacrosse equipment is only goggles and a mouthguard while boys’ lacrosse is fully padded with shoulder pads, chest pads, and protective gloves. These may be key factors as to the sports differ but they each have different rules.

Boys Lacrosse:

Lacrosse started as a strictly boy’s sport, but now has evolved all over the worst and most popularly played in Europe, the United States, and Australia. Boy’s lacrosse must obtain a large amount of equipment to play a safe game. Boys lacrosse has evolved faster rather than girls. Boys lacrosse started with wooden sticks and years later it became popular and evolved. Boys lacrosse started with In boys high school lacrosse it’s required to wear helmets, mouth guards, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and often rib pads to prevent injury, whereas women wear mouth guards, protective eyewear, no helmets or padding beside the goalie. In a boys’ lacrosse game, there must be 10 players on the field rather than 12 like in girls’ lacrosse, even with different formations in positions.














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