Photography Experience

Take a closer look at my experience photographing Norwalk High School athletics.


In late August I was asked by Mr. Seaburg and Mr. Pagano if I would like to take on the task of going to sporting events and taking photos, I of course said yes. Taking photos was a way for me to be involved with Norwalk High School sports and as an athlete I could not pass this opportunity up. I started in the fall taking pictures at the football games which I would say is one of my favorite sports to watch and now, to take pictures at. Although this task is time consuming, it is one that I enjoy very much. Watching sports has been a part of my life forever and now I have the opportunity to document my closest friends doing what they love. Sports photography is high on my list for possible future careers. Photography means more to me than just getting cool shots. It means that I get to provide people with some of their happiest memories playing sports while simultaneously doing something I love. In my future I hope to continue photography at sporting events to truly capture the role sports play in people’s lives. I was given this opportunity through the DMCA, so if you or your friends are interested please reach out!