Are you Supporting Fast Fashion?

Most people support fast fashion without even realizing.  A trend appeared on Tik Tok starting about 3 months ago in which teen girls make large purchases on a website named Shein, and record a “haul” showing what they bought. Some of the videos included harsh comments about the quality of the clothes, which triggered people defending the creators of the clothes. The controversy led to a lot of questioning if the companies they support are morally acceptable.  

Shein is a clothing brand based out of China, and it is well known that they enforce child labor.  They sell the pieces for an incredibly cheap price at mediocre quality. 

Theresa Tucci, a 72 year old woman, when asked if she was aware of companies supporting these work conditions, stated, “Wow, I didn’t know there were so many stores still that were like that, that explains why they sell clothes for so cheap right?”

As seen in the comment sections of many Tik Tok videos, some people feel strongly about this topic and what they can do on their end.  When faced with this difficulty, many people try to steer clear from supporting fast fashion as much as they can.  Most everyday products such as phones, and websites, like Amazon, in which you receive necessities, provide terrible work conditions for their employees. These types of products are hard not to support because it is hard to find necessities in a sustainable way.  The people that do try to eliminate unneeded fast fashion, child labor, or just bad work conditions in general, can purchase most clothing items and other products second hand online or from thrift stores and other consignment shops.   

Oppositely, many other individuals believe that fast fashion is too hard to avoid and they will continue buying large amounts of products for cheap prices because they do not have the money to spend more on a small amount of products.  

When asked if she thinks it is morally okay to support these brands, Tucci said, “I can understand how people still buy from these places especially teens because they want to fit in with the trends but might not have much money to do so.” 

Both sides seem to have equal amounts of supporters and they both have valid reasons.  As a whole, we can do our part where it is needed if it is possible.