2021 Costume Trends

Halloween 2021 biggest costume trends, and the reasoning behind those trends.

Paige De Nardo, Reporter


After over a year of quarantining and living a life that revolves around a pandemic, being able to have a semi-normal Halloween is a big change.

 This is causing people to go bigger this year, and this includes some amazing costumes. However, what is the most popular costumes this year? Like every year you have the classics; witch, cat, fairy, clown, and vampire but what is unique to this year. In 2021 a lot of movies and shows came out which influenced a lot of new costume trends. One of the biggest costumes is Harley Quinn. Since a new Suicide Squad came out this year this has been a big trend among younger kids. 

Harley Quinn isn’t the only villain that made a comeback this year, so did Cruella de Vill. This was also inspired by a new sequel called Cruella. Another popular costume is inspired by a new popular show on Netflix, The Squid Games. In this costume, people dress up in green jumpers or red jumpers to either be the guard or a player. For group costumes, there is a costume that has been around that was inspired by the Netflix hits Money Heist. This costume would include a red jumper with a mask. 

After looking at all the popular costumes this year you can see a trend that the biggest trend is shows and movies, meaning that shows and movies have a big impact on what’s popular and what people choose to wear on Halloween.