The Wild World of Motorsports


Left to Right: IndyCar, Formula E, Formula 1, World Rally Championship

The huge influence of Formula 1 globally and NASCAR in the United States secure these two series as the giants of motorsports, although there’s so much more when it comes to the exhilarating sport.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, more commonly known as the FIA, is the governing body of the Formula 1 World Championship. Although the FIA also has 246 member organizations throughout 145 countries worldwide which help in organizing races at a local level. This is extremely important when running 6 world championships and 3 other junior championships. 

The most similar world championship that the FIA runs to Formula 1 is actually Formula E. Unlike the intricate and very delicate turbo-hybrid power units, Formula E runs fully electric. The high-pitched spaceship sounding whine as the cars pass by on the close street tracks they primarily cover creates an extremely interesting spectacle of technology and innovation. The series also has another extremely twisting fact to its rather unparallel self, “Attack Mode.” At certain areas of the track, only announced an hour before the race to teams, drivers can leave the racing line and possibly lose a spot or lap time in trade for “Attack Mode,” giving the drivers an extra boost at any time of the race. This boost gives the drivers 25 extra Kilowatts of power, or in better terms, 33 extra horsepower. Formula E continues to expand its racing from going to Brooklyn in July of this year to having for the first time visited the historic track of Monaco. And let’s just say that Formula E created a much more entertaining race than Formula 1.

Although outside of the FIA, and more closely related to NASCAR, the United States has another series to boast. The hosts of the annual Indy 500, one of the most famous races in the world, IndyCar. Named after their heritage in Indianapolis, IndyCar is a “spec series” meaning they race the same chassis on each car with the main difference being an engine manufacturer. These cars are up there with F1 as the top tier of open-wheel racing and race it out on both street circuits, and oval tracks. Made up of drivers from all over the world such as Former F1 drivers like Romain Grosjean (Haas F1), Marcus Ericsson (Sauber Alfa Romeo), and Takuma Sato (Jordan, Super Aguri, and BAR). As well as one of NASCAR’s greatest racing stars, Jimmie Johnson in the cockpit of the number 48 Honda-powered car. 

Although there still is much more different racing series throughout the world. Unlike Formula 1, or IndyCar, there are also championships that show off the many different branches of motorsports. The World Rally Championship, for example, shows off some of the more intense and tighter versions of racing on public, private, and even dirt roads as they accelerate at top speeds of highly modified streetcars. No matter what your interest is in cars, there is undoubtedly a championship to fit it. With even the most minimal amount of digging, you can find almost anything in the wild world of motorsports.