Captain Ryan Gilchrist Photo by Dylan Thomas
Captain Ryan Gilchrist Photo by Dylan Thomas

No Quit

The Norwalk High School Boys' Lacrosse team won't go down without a fight

May 5, 2023

The Norwalk High School lacrosse team had always been known for their skill and talent on the field. However, this season was proving to be a tough one for them. With a current record of 3-8, they were far from the top of their division. Despite this, the team remains determined to finish the season strong and prove that they were capable of more than their current record suggested.

As the season continues, the team’s hard work is beginning to pay off. They are starting to gel together as a unit, and their efforts on the field are becoming more cohesive. While they still suffered some tough losses, they also picked up some much-needed wins. Their improvement did not go unnoticed, and many fans began to rally around them, cheering them on with renewed enthusiasm.  The team has showed their hard work and grit all season long.  After starting the season 0-6 the team strung together 2 straight wins and showed that they wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Norwalk’s coach, Coach Wilkins , knew that his players had the potential to be great. He has seen glimpses of it in practice and in some of their games. He continued to push them to work hard and to believe in themselves. The team responded to his leadership, and they began to make progress. They focused on the fundamentals of the game and worked on improving their skills day in and day out.  Capitan Ryan Gilchrist said “We will not let anyone walk over us.  Some teams may be better than us but they won’t be able to just walk in and win.”




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