Sophomore Superstars

Meet sophomores Dalton Bury, William Butler, Jordan Stefanidis, and Kelvin Mendieta from the Boys Varsity Soccer team.


Norwalk’s boys’ varsity soccer team is having an amazing season once again. We got a chance to talk to some of the young players on the team. Meet Dalton Bury, William Butler, Jordan Stefanidis, and Kelvin Mendieta.

Being one of the youngest players on the team does not affect these sophomore superstars. Goalkeeper Dalton Bury states, “It doesn’t affect me, everyone’s there to compete, so age doesn’t really matter.” These boys do not start but Jordan Stefanidis tells us, ” If they need me, I am always going to be ready to step up.”¬† William Butler also states, “Being one of the youngest does not affect me, I am always ready if they need me.”¬† Kelvin Mendieta tells us, “It feels like a privilege because it is the greatest experience for me.” These boys got great attitude being sophomores on the boys’ varsity soccer team.

We asked these boys if they get along with the older guys on the team. Dalton Bury tells us, “We are all like one big family.” Jordan Stefanidis tells us, “We are all really close and the guys love us.” William Butler adds, “The older guys are very welcoming, and we have this awesome brotherhood.” This is amazing to hear from the young guys on the team. Kelvin Mendieta said, “We all mess around with each other, but we respect each other and are like a family.” Being one big family and having a brotherhood with the boys definitely helps on the field. These sophomore superstars are awesome!

We got a chance to talk to some of the older guys about their opinion on the sophomores. ¬†Norwalks right back Pace Heatly says, “Its good to have younger guys on the team because at practice they work hard to take our spots which motivates us a lot. Although they are younger, they put up a great competition.” These sophomores have a good word for themselves. We are looking forward to seeing these young starts shine in the future.