The Huddle – Motivation for Athletes at Their Lowest Points

This episode of the Huddle Podcast looks into what brings out the resilience of Norwalk High athletes.

Briana Muro – Captain of Varsity Field Hockey

You haven’t gotten a hit in 16 at bats, you haven’t scored in 5 games, or you feel like you can’t compete with the competition.This is the point when many athletes  may fold on the game they had loved for years.

It is not out of the ordinary for  an athlete is contemplate hanging up their cleats for the last time because  mid-season struggles are greater than ever. However, this is what separates the above average athletes from the averages athletes. The  leading athletes have something within them that brings out their resilience to overcome some of their hardest challenges. These athletes have a high level of grit and just want to get better however, many physical or mental challenges arise during a season. In the words of Alistair Morin, “What it all comes down to is just family, and I just want to make people proud of me or prove people wrong.” These athletes strive to optimize all of their opportunities because they realize what is on the line. Parents play a major role in pushing kids to their limits because they believe and trust in them. Two sport senior captain, Briana Muro stated:

“It’s my mom and dad who push me the most. They have not given up on me so I can’t let myself give up. I need to be strong for them.

— Briana Muro

On this special episode of The Huddle, we look into what brings out the resilience of Norwalk High’s most talented athletes featuring baseball star Daniel Miller. Click here to listen.