Athlete Commitment Spotlight- Jaiden Ballard

A series by B.C.S.N Creator Samantha Philipp, on student athletes who have committed to play at the collegiate level.


Samantha Philipp, BCSN Content Creator

Committing to play a sport at the collegiate level is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be recognized.  After the endless hours of hard work and dedication, these athletes are achieving their goal and I am here to showcase it!  I wanted to sit down and talk to all the student athletes at Norwalk High who have committed to play at the next level and hear their stories.

Baseball player Jaiden Ballard knows where he is going to school for the next four years!  Jaiden is a senior at Norwalk High who has been playing baseball for 16 years and has played for the Bears for 3.  He has just committed to play college baseball at Division 3 Monroe College!


Q:  Why did you choose Monroe? 

“I chose to go to Monroe because I know a few people who went there to play baseball and they said it’s a really good program.” Jaiden started his research on the school during his junior year eventually getting invited by the coach on a regular school visit saying how “immediately on the spot I knew Monroe was my number one school.”  

Immediately on the spot I knew Monroe was my number one school.”

— Jaiden Ballard


Q: What was the recruitment process like for you?

“My recruitment process took place during the summer and included me sending the head coach my hitting videos.” Jaiden sent along his game highlights as well which resulted in “The head coach finally offered me a date to come practice with the team and grab lunch with them.”  When asked about how it was, Jaiden explained how “It was like a whole different world practicing with them.”  This was due to the fast pace they played at.  


Q: What did Norwalk sports do to prepare you for the next level?

“I thank Norwalk High baseball because I’ve been on varsity for 3 years and I was able to to see really good pitchers and a lot of good competition that has help get me ready for the next level.”


Q: What advice do you have for athletes who are looking to compete at the next level?

“I feel the best advice I can give out is to keep pushing and make sure your grades are good.”  Jaiden truly wants to emphasize the importance of good grades for athletes by saying “I’m sure I could have gone to a university but my grades weren’t the best so make sure your grades are good.”