Bryan Lowden

Bryan Lowden, B.C.S.N. Content Creator


My name is Bryan Lowden and I am a current senior at Norwalk High School. All of my family members have graduated from Norwalk High and I will be the last one to complete the journey. My role as a Content Creator is to inform and entertain the viewers of the den. This all started with my passion and love for sports. When I was presented the opportunity to create content for Norwalk High athletics, I couldn't jump on the boat faster. You can find me at many Norwalk High games as I gather information for my podcast that I co-anchor, The Huddle. I played competitive baseball for over 10 years in my life however, last year my baseball career ended and my golf career began. As a current senior, I am seeking a college to study Finance and of course, a college where athletics are a huge part of the community. I look forward to keep producing content for Norwalk's fans.


  • The Yankees are my favorite sports team
  • Apple Jacks are my favorite cereal
  • I have a passion for fishing
  • My dream job is a Portfolio manger or Financial Advisor
  • I have two older sisters
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Bryan Lowden