Letters to Home

Follow our three senior athletes as they honor their most impactful teachers.


As Seniors, it is important to look back on those who have helped us accomplish so much, and simply say, thank you.

After a long and bumpy four years, the Seniors of 2022 are in shock at how fast graduation is approaching. It has forced them into the bittersweet state of nostalgia, where they’ve looked back on all that happened, and who was by their side.

A popular media trend for Seniors is to pay a visit to those teachers and special faculty members that played a huge role in their success. Whether they give a jersey, dedicate their number, or maybe a little note, there is no better feeling than seeing those kids pay tribute. The three athletes chosen to be highlighted were Gettsyburg commit, Morgan Saunders, Curry commit, Daniel Rodriguez, and Matt Caiati, who is going to Xavier University for nursing. Morgan Saunders is an outstanding swimmer, who broke the Norwalk High 1976, 100 yd Breath-stroke record, and is looking to continue a fantastic career at Gettysburg College this fall. Daniel Rodriguez helped lead the Norwalk High School 2021 Soccer Team to the FCIAC Championships, and is moving on to Curry College to play. Lastly, Matt Caiati, a well-rounded student, has prevailed in both track and boys volleyball throughout his college career.

Their task…to revisit their teachers and give them a simple thank you. All three athletes were eager, and it took no time to think of who they’d give their letter to. This is Morgan Saunders writing a letter to Ms. Rosso of Naramake, Daniel Rodriguez writing a letter to Ms. Hughes of Marvin, and Matt Caiati writing to Ms. Dunlavey of Marvin.