The Pack is Back

Excitement arises for Norwalk fans as a new spectator policy is implemented.


Let’s Go Norwalk! Let’s Go Norwalk! Fans have been cheering on Norwalk High student athletes since its opening in 1902. With the uncertainties of the pandemic, our student section, the Bear Pack has not been able to attend games last year and more recently the winter sports of this current year. 


Our Norwalk High winter athletes were the only ones along with other Norwalk school Brien McMahon to only be allowed 2 spectators per player. A petition on was created by Magaly Proud Mama Bear to modify Norwalk public school’s spectator policy to be raised to the 50% threshold, which is 300 spectators.


Magaly states, “Norwalk is consistently the only town to enforce these mandates to the fullest…the attendance has been changed in every town to 50% capacity or 300 people limit while Norwalk is still sticking with 2 per player.” ( website)


Magaly’s petition helped change the spectator policy at Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon. Here is what students have to say about this shift.

I also think it’s just something we needed, it has been 2 years so it’s good that we are getting back a big part of a normal high school experience.

— 2021-2022 Bear Pack Leader Anthony Bonaddio

Our bear pack leader Anthony Bonaddio (‘22) said, “It is very exciting to be able to have fans attending games. Home court advantage is a big part of sports, the momentum a crowd can bring is capable of changing the outcome of these games.” 


Being on your home field or court with all your friends and family cheering you on brings a burst of energy to the players. Football player, Jamar Alcena (‘23) said, “It gives you and your team a push throughout the game.”


With all the excitement from the players and fans, the petition from Magaly shows how one person can make a change that affects the whole community positively. With this, we hope to see you at the next Norwalk High home game to support your bears. And as always, Let’s Go Norwalk!