News – Just What IS Black History Month?

What will Norwalk high school do for Black History Month and is it enough?

            Imagine it’s 1960 and you’re a black person amidst the civil rights movement. Right in front of your eyes, you see what was once called “Negro History Week” evolve into a Month for Black History right in front of your eyes across the nation. Then in 1976, you live to see President Gerald Ford officially recognize it in order to, “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history” (

The Importance of Black History Month is to elevate African American accomplishments that have previously been hidden … More should be done about this month starting with the publicization of the two boards.

— African American History Teacher - Mrs. Miller

            You are able to see the transformation of a once extremely oppressive country begin to honor and appreciate the accomplishments of what your black friends and family have done. You can start to envision a better future where your children live in harmony with their fellow white peers. A future where racism is a thing of the past.

            So far, the school has been playing announcements detailing one black member of American society who has achieved greatness. There have also been boards put up in C-house second floor and E-house 1st floor that has several important black historical figures, descriptions of even more, and the origin of Black History Month(BHM). So far, the school has done much to educate its students on BHM, but is it enough?




            The organizer of our African American culture club, Scotty Nails says “Every year for Black History Month the African American culture club goes to the ‘Breakfast of Champions’ where people of all different races and ethnicities share their story and how persevered to get to where they are now.”

            When I interviewed Principal Roberts he said, “Black History Month is important so we can know more about events that haven’t been told in our textbook.” When asked about the publicization of the  BHM boards, he said that he’d definitely consider making it more known to the high school students.

              Whatever ends up being done for Black History Month, students will hopefully learn the cultural and national significance of this month.