Time to Party! – Poinsettia

Poinsettia Dance 2022


Everyone attending poinsettia was very confused if they were going to cancel it or not. Luckily, they decided to not cancel it and have everyone follow the normal covid protocols. It’s safe to say that everyone is very happy and excited to still attend poinsettia. This is the 57th poinsettia hosted. Poinsettia is a dance that is conjoined with mcmahon. This dance is a great opportunity for both schools to have a good time. With that being said, one of the questions that have been circulating are long or short dresses. I did a little research and I found out that both types of dresses are appropriate. I am seeing that most girls are going to wear short dresses. I found out that the “theme” of poinsettia is sparkly. A lot of girls bought sparkly dresses. The main colors I’m seeing are blue, red, and black. Poinsettia is going to be held from 7-11 at the Italian Center in Stamford. Tickets were 70 dollars and that includes your entry to the dance, a meal, and a good time.

Poinsettia was very fun. I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend poinsettia and it’s safe to say that everyone seemed to have a good time. Like I said earlier, it was expected to see a lot of short dresses, and I was right. The DJ played a lot of good songs and everyone danced all night. Overall, poinsettia turned out very good and everyone had a really nice time.