Video Games: Another Level

Playing and editing these games may change your perspective on anything you know about video games.


Aaliyah Michael

You can never realize your true interest until you try enough things. This is a story that I came across unexpectedly that I find interesting and you may find interesting too. Jerry Lawson, the first black video game engineer led the development of the first interchangeable video game and 8 way joystick. It contributed to the way video games are the way they are today. 

On Dec. 1 there was an interactive video game available on the google homepage where you were able to edit and create video games for you and your friends to play. It’s actually really cool when you’re able to experience a little of the process of creating the advanced technology we have today. 

Lawson’s Background

From an early age he always had a passion when it involved technology. He repaired televisions around his neighbor hood and even created his own radio station out of recycled parts. Your passion doesn’t have to be discovered at a young age like Lawson but anytime you find an activity enjoyable.

Pullquote Photo

“When people play this Doodle, I hope they’re inspired to be imaginative, And I hope that some little kid somewhere wants to get into game development, hearing about my father’s story makes them feel like they can.””

— Anderson Lawson, Son

In 1980 he started up his own company, VideoSoft, which was one of the earliest Black business owned video game. He can be an inspiration to anyone really but especially black people who have yet to find their calling.

My Experience

The video game isn’t available today but I can explain and share some of the games I created and edited. It’s all about trial and error. I would’ve never known how hard it actually was to make a video game playable and challenging enough if I hadn’t played.

Each game had it’s own aesthetic, they’re own features, so players can create and edit the game however they like. Playing this game channels the inner imagination and innovation of those who chose to play.


The concept of this was to inspire children who would come across this game to find an interest in video game engineering. Of course it’s not for everyone but the design of the ‘Doodle’ game was so good it may sway some of that  personal interest. I’m not that into video games but something about it had me hooked.