Will Valdez Leader on the Court

Valdez’s First and Last Season as a Bear


Will Valdez #10

Valdez’s First and Last Season as a Bear

Valdez might be great as Bear, but he isn’t done… He’s taking his Volleyball career to the next level by either becoming a Husky at UConn, or a Ranger at Regis University. Will has a motto that he has for the team, it is “You shouldn’t think for yourself, you should think as a team.” Valdez is a Senior at Norwalk High on the boys volleyball team. He’s now been playing volleyball for three years now. Will is a perfect example of a team player. He is all about making strong friendships on and off the court, working together as a team and building a family.

When I am on this court I am at my happiest

— Will Valdez

Volleyball is a great opportunity for Will, he claimed “when I am on this court I am at my happiest, it’s that thing that just makes me so grateful.” Will is a captain on the court and really shows this position significantly. One of his greatest strengths is his enthusiasm. When anyone is down it is his job to keep them up and has the role of being the team’s hype man to keep them going. Although Will does have all these amazing qualities that were not all perfect we all have some flaws, Will has a hard time finding inner confidence but he tries to own up to it and captain his team to victory.Will very much puts time and dedication into this sport by giving his heart out. He was inspired to play volleyball because of the fact that it gave him a purpose of looking for a future and building a team. Will is very interested in a future in volleyball. He told us, “I am looking forward to working hard and playing volleyball at the college level, it should be a great experience.” One unfortunate thing about Will and his time in volleyball is that it took 5 years for there to be an official Boys Volleyball team here at Norwalk High. Before this year there were only clubs. Last year would’ve been the first year of an official team but Covid had hit, and took the opportunity away from them. Will thinks this is a great last opportunity to leave with a strong goodbye and hopes for a great season.