Volleyball Inside and Out

Get a closer look at what the Boys Volleyball team means to each other.


Taken by Ava Salvati

Stepping into May with an even 6-6 record we as fans don’t see the hard work that this team has been putting in.
The countless hours of practice, the meetings, the team dinners, are all the things we don’t see. These all come into play when game day comes around. It creates chemistry for both on and off the court. This is more than a team for them, it’s a family. We talked to team player Dylan Maldonado about what this team means to him. “This voleyball team means family to me. We have been training together for the psat year so the bonds are strong both on and off the court. There are only 6 guys on each side at once so having a strong conncetion is essential.” As the team moves closer and closer to the end of their season, they look to clinch a spot in states and improve their 8-13 record from last year.

We’ve created a brotherhood that is irreplaceable

— Hunter Novoa