Norwalk High’s Snazziest Swimmer- Mr. Zajdel

Listen to this podcast including teacher and coach, Mr. Zajdel, and BCSN Content Creator, Ava Salvati, to learn more about Mr. Z’s swimming career, and what the sport means to him on a deeper level.

Jonathan Zajdel is a beloved government teacher and coach here at Norwalk High School and Warde High School, where he continues to make an impact on his students and athletes year after year. Not only was he voted one of the best dressed teachers at Norwalk High, but Mr. Zajdel also coaches girls swimming at Warde High School and boys swimming at Norwalk High School. Before his coaching days, Mr. Zajdel swam throughout his adolescent years and then at Ithaca College. Swimming has had an immense impact on Mr. Zajdel, and has shaped him as a person, especially as a coach. We had a chance to speak with him about how his history in swimming has taught him lessons he will value for the rest of his life, and how the sport has made him the person he is today.