Athlete Commitment Spotlight – Ben Bradley

A series by B.C.S.N Creator Samantha Philipp, on student athletes who have committed to play at the collegiate level.


Committing to play a sport at the collegiate level is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be recognized.  To showcase this achievement, B.C.S.N Creator Samantha Philipp, sits down with the student athletes at Norwalk High who have committed to hear their story.

After hard work and dedication to his sport, Ben Bradley finally found his new home for the next four years! Ben is a senior at Norwalk High School and currently dives for the High School’s swimming and diving team as well as Whirlwind Diving club in New Canaan.  He just recently committed to continue his diving career at Division 1 George Washington University (GW) next fall! 


Q: When did diving start for you?

“I have been diving for about 8 years now, but I am starting my 5th year doing club diving.  I never knew whether or not I would want to dive in college but once I got older and knew my skill level, then I realized that I wanted to take it to the collegiate level.” 


Q: Why George Washington University?

All throughout Ben’s junior year he went through the recruitment process, trying to find the right school for him.  As to the reason why Ben landed on GW,“ I was looking for somewhere that I fit in with the team and that’s what I felt with GW.” He also explained how the location of the school was great saying “GW being right in Washington DC certainly made choosing the school a bit easier.” 

I was looking for somewhere that I fit in with the team and that’s what I felt with George Washington University.

— Ben Bradley


Q: How was your recruitment process? 

“My recruitment process was quite taxing to be honest,” Ben expressed when asked about it. “It was a long process and there was a very tough decision to make at the end of it.”  One of the biggest upsides for Ben throughout it all however was “being able to talk to so many different coaches and build relationships with different colleges.”  Although the recruitment process was taxing, Ben stated how “It was very exciting at times.”


Q: How did Norwalk High School athletics contribute to your success?

“Norwalk sports has made a huge impact on the athlete I’ve become.  I’m thankful for Coach Guster who helped introduce me to the recruiting process during my junior year.” 


Q: What advice do you have for athletes who want to compete at the next level?

 Throughout his junior year Ben was experiencing the life of a recruit.  Now, in his senior year of high school, he is signing his National Letter of Intent to go to college and compete at the next level.  With all this, he had some advice for everyone who wants to get there as well: “I would definitely advise that whoever is trying to play sports in college start the recruiting process as early as possible.  To decide where you want to go that early is a huge advantage for your senior year.”