The Importance of Fundraising

Fundraising is an important part of school that not a lot of people know about. Different clubs and classes use fundraising as a way to open up new and better opportunities for the causes that they are raising money for.

Behind the scenes, students and teachers alike brainstorm ideas and try to figure out the most efficient way to hold a fundraiser. For the Class of 2023, the student council works with the class advisors in order to discuss their plans for the year. Their most recent fundraising idea involves other schools like Naramake Elementary. The idea in question would be to host a virtual game night for children who attend that school. There, children could play games and let their families have some relaxation time.

 Montserrat Vega (‘23) stated, “I have younger siblings and I would absolutely love it if they could be kept busy for like an hour.” 

As seen, many people like this idea as it would provide a great outlet to let children let out some excess energy while also allowing their families to mellow out.

One major difficulty that is being faced is that there is no way to collect money for these fundraisers. Typically, students would either hand cash in an envelope to their teacher or school secretary however, due to COVID-19 regulations this is not possible. Setting up an online banking account like PayPal is not an option either as it requires creating an actual bank account. The option of having a cash jar is not allowed as it does not follow COVID-19 restrictions.

 Hadiya Vahora (‘23) said, “It really sucks that it’s difficult to raise money right now. I know fundraising is really important for the classes and we really didn’t get to do that last year.” 

Not being able to collect money puts these grades and clubs in jeopardy as raising money is extremely vital. This issue will soon be resolved and the normal planning process will continue.

Whatever happens, be sure to look out for new and upcoming fundraisers from all over the school. Do not be afraid to participate!