What Advice do Fall Athletes have for Future Seasons?

Fall moving on to Winter and Spring

The question all Winter sport athletes and coaches were wondering was, will they get a season?

Due to the current rise in COVID cases there was no definite answer to give an 100% response on this question, until January 10th. The CIAC discussed that winter sports should be starting up again on January 19th, along with others possibly practicing on February 1st. Many athletes from the fall can understand what the winter sport athletes are going through right now. The possibilities are endless, because you have no clue what will come next. Our Norwalk athletes are getting frustrated and mad that they still haven’t been able to get practice for their season, another worry that is causing us athletes not being able to stay in shape or even get in shape, these athletes aren’t getting the conditioning they need for the season. While the 19th passed most towns were allowed to start their winter sports, but Norwalk. In the Fall Norwalk went through something like this with fans. Every town was allowed to have a shortened amount of fans, meanwhile we couldn’t have any. Our fall athletes managed to keep moving throughout the season, even though at times it could get tough to motivate with all these restrictions. As a school and community we have to follow safe protocols to ensure safe health of winter sports athletes on and off the field. That means taking measures into ways we may not like. The things fall athletes had to do to get their season may not be what we would prefer, but it was what had to happen to get a season. We can never be 100% sure with what will happen next but we should hope to see a successful Winter season, As we know from seeing Fall sports.