The Throw

Bears comeback to win it by a spectacular touchdown

With the Bears down 12-15 against Cheshire ranked #8 in the state late in the fourth quarter everything was stacked against the Bears.

Being 4th and 17th with your starting quarterback injured is no easy task to overcome especially against one of the top teams in the state. In the deciding moments of the game Ryan Gilchrist stepped up to the plate. Before the snap Ryan had many emotions going on inside his head,

“I felt nervous but my team had faith in me. That gave me confidence where I knew they were relying on me to carry through for them and I didn’t want to let them down.”

— Ryan Gilchrist

Ryan Gilchrist takes the snap, drops back to the Bears 35 yard line and throws it up to the right side of the field to Camryn Edwards! Catches the ball, runs by his defender, to the 30, 20, 10, touchdown Bears! During the play Ryan knew he needed to put his teammate in a spot to catch the ball,

“In my head as I was throwing the ball I was saying to myself this has to be perfect and then when Cam caught the ball I was relieved that Cam caught it.”

Ryan explained how, “In practice I had never run that play before but after the ball left my hand I knew Cam was going to catch it.” He had complete confidence in his teammates and after pulling off this win against Cheshire he believes that the Bears Football team are a playoff team. This was a great win for the Bears and made a statement to the state that the Bears are here to be top contenders this year.