Movie Talk Podcast – Favorite Award Winners

Join DMCA students Angelina Valdovinos and Sophie Magnifico as they gear up for the film awards season in the 4th episode of Movie Talk.

Movie Talk Podcast - Favorite Award Winners

With award season having commenced in this lengthier episode we, Sophie and Angelina, bring to you a thoughtful commentary of our favorite award-winning films in their respective categories.


Angelina: From play adapted to film, I discuss the fantastical beauty of My Fair Lady’s award-winning costume design. If I’m being honest, I debated between the cinematography of My Fair Lady and its costume design. Through settling on costume design, I delved outside of my set favorite aspects of film. I’m glad to have done so because I was able to develop an even greater appreciation for it.


Sophie: Ahead of its time in more aspects than one, I offer my perspective of Dog Day Afternoon’s award-winning original screenplay. As expected, when you watch so many films you grow a grand appreciation for the backbone of it all, the script. In a toss-up between Polanski’s Chinatown and Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon, I believe I made the right decision. I hope you can see why as well.


If you’re interested in tuning into the awards, we sure are, information on what to expect in light of COVID-19 and the dates can be found in an article written by Angelina here. We hope you enjoy our fourth episode of Movie Talk. And, as always, watch these films!