What they Took for Granted


Over the past year we have had an immense amount of time to dwell on ourselves and the people around us. That time has taught not only the Norwalk high community but the human race as a whole to take nothing for granted. Looking back at last year (pre covid)  brings so many great memories and even more emotions into play. School had been such a normality that we never really took the time to appreciate what we had. Even though last year was not the ideal year, there are so many things that we had taken for granted as a whole. As a message from the current seniors at Norwalk high, they do not lie when they say these 4 years go by fast. With this year being as is, here are a few things that should never be taken for granted. 

    Although school is not always everyone’s favorite, it was much easier to get through the day with our peers rather than alone. Having a classroom with an active environment is not something that we’d ever think twice about. On March 13th we unwillingly attended our last normal high school class. Nobody knew that though, we all assumed we’d have a whole year ahead of us. Being in a classroom and interacting with people face to face is one thing never thought to be missed. Take it from us, treat everyday as a bear like it’s your last. 

   To further the subject of being a bear, a key ingredient is of course the bear pack. The bleachers used to tremble sending vibrations from your toes to your shoulders, the shrieks and cheers in your ear is quite indescribable, but the feeling of being in those stands with your friends screaming at the top of your lungs is not. It brings a certain adrenaline rush, but not in the way you’d think. The bear pack would bring all students together, and the sense of family and love that was created just brought such a powerful feeling to your heart, like absolutely nothing could stop us. It was a time where nothing really mattered, except for you, you’re nhs family, and the game. Although the bear pack is anything but calm it articulated an unique tranquility. When the pack returns Whether it’s this year or the next, make sure to capture as many moments as possible. There truly is nothing like it. 

    For most athletes the past three years has been routine since day one. A normal practice everyday after school. Of course your weekly games/meets. The opportunity to play all of the fciac and even teams in other conferences. Team bonding, and even team dinners. This year we had restrictions on everything, as you can imagine it is much more difficult to create a team bond when your entire routine is restricted. One of the most important if not the most important thing about a team is they’re relationship/bond. Being as all teams had to socially distance there was almost zero window of opportunity to create a similar relationship to previous seasons. Yet everyday every athlete came out full heartedly.

   Even though this past year has been crazy to say the least. It seems to have broadened our minds and our hearts. During this time everyone is struggling, some more than others. With the holidays coming up it is especially important to treat everyone with kindness and respect, you never know what they’re dealing with. Please, take this as a reminder to cherish even the littlest of things.