Captains Through a Camera

Meet Your Two of Your Three NorMac Girls Swim and Dive Captains

These are two of your senior NorMac Girls Swim and Dive Captains, Madison Marini and Mara Zullo.

They expect to continue to have lots of success this season while they lead their team. The girls are coming off a big win against Staples, and they recently won Ruden Report Team of the Week. These photos share the personalities of Marini and Zullo and set a great example of the team dynamic.

After talking with the team, it is very clear that both Marini and Zullo bring lots of energy and some of their teammates explain to us that they make this team feel more like a sisterhood. Whether they are competing against eachother or not, they are always there for one another.

The third senior captain, Samantha taylor, attends Brien McMahon High school but stay tuned for a feature in the near future.

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