NHS Softball Mid-Season Breakdown

The 2023 NHS softball program is 9-7 with big wins including St.Joes Highschool. Lets break down the first half of the season and see what senior captain Vicki Ward has to say about the second half of their season.

Our 8-6 Norwalk Bears Softball team is all steam ahead on a 5 game win streak including St.Joes Highschool to complete their April schedule, but take a strong loss to a very good Fairfield Warde lineup.  The bears win over st.Joes was the first win against them in the last 10 years!  Ive had a chance to talk to senior captain Vicki Ward about this season, we were able to discuss a couple goals and accomplishes achieved so far this season or they look to achieve in the second half of their season.  Vicki mentioned that as a team one of their preseason goals was to improve on their 12-9 record from last year, with their 9-7 record with 4 games remaining the bears are in a strong position to fulfill their goal.   Another goal made by the team is to win a FCIAC playoff game.  “The beginning of the season didn’t start off as planned,” captain Vicki Ward told me, she said the team chemistry just was not there and needed a little shock to get them going.  I would say the win over Greenwich did that for these bears as they went on a 5 game win streak and ended up losing a hard fought battle to Fairfield Warde in extra innings.  With just 4 games remaining in this season Vicki told me she loves the teams chances and the place they put themselves in with all their hard work to accomplish their goals.  Your bears brought down cross town rivals Brien McMahon last night and looks to continue their path of destruction into stamford Wednesday, May 10th.