Climate Change is Happening – Believe it or Not

As the temperature rises, human lives are being put at risk. The climate is changing, so we should to. Everyone should be taught to beat global warming.

Climate change is the long term shift in temperature and weather patterns. It started off naturally but it only gets worse due to human actions.

The main action is the burning of fossil fuels which is almost like wrapping a blanket around the Earth. If we don’t start changing now there are going to be even more severe consequences in the future. By the end of this century the Earth’s temperature is looking to reach around 3.2 degrees Celsius. (United Nations)

As living and breathing people we have to take responsibility and action in order for the Earth to stay a safe place to live. What are you willing to do to change the conditions of the present and the future ? 

The Causes

Generating power is one of the main causes of the severity of climate change. This is basically generating electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels. We use them to power our everyday lives such as cars, electronics, etc. and this causes a large chunk of global emissions. (CNN) 

Another cause would be manufacturing goods, these industries produce energy to make things such as cement, iron, steel, electronics, plastics, clothes, and other goods. Additionally the transportation used by humans is a huge factor. Vehicles like cars, trucks, ships, and planes also run on fossil fuels. This is a major contributor of greenhouse gasses, especially carbon dioxide emissions. (United Nations) 

The Effects

The effect of climate change is hotter temperatures also known as global warming. Land areas are seeing more heatwaves than ever, in 2020 it was one of the hottest years on record. (New York Times) Higher temperatures make it more likely for wildfires to spread more rapidly.

More severe storms are also coming into play because change in temperature creates change in rainfall. The storms cause flooding and landslides, destroying homes and communities, and costing billions of dollars. (CNN)

What do we need to do to change ?

I believe the end of risking future lives is to cut emissions, adapt to climate impacts, and to use renewable energy. We can cut emissions by carpooling and public transportation. We have to be able to be more efficient with the energy we have access to in order to keep the Earth, along with the life living on it, safe.

Examples of renewable energy are sunlight, wind. The solution is too simple for us to not do anything about it. Every time you leave a light on when your not using it or when you keep the shower water running before you actually get in the Earth is slowly dying. 

Next time you think about taking a car when you can actually just walk, go for that walk. That walk saves a life. That may sound dramatic but all of it adds up.