No more Netflix password sharing

I’ll be explaining the reason why they ban netflix passwords.

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Netflix trying to make more money off of people? Or are they just trying not to lose money? Netflix put out a report saying they will ban password sharing. Their way of not losing money is banning sharing passwords so only the person paying for the account can use it. I think it’s not fair we pay for an account to do what we want with it.

Netflix has been around since August 29, 1997 by sending DvDs to people’s homes. They only started streaming in 2007 on any electronic device, slowly becoming one of the most popular streaming services used around the world. They did start losing their spark while other streaming services started being better like Hulu and Disney plus. There might be more streaming services but netflix is losing almost 6  to 25 billion a year from password sharing.

But is netflix considering or having empathy for others who may not be able to get netflix?

Some people can’t afford netflix so if there is the opportunity to use someone else’s then they should be able to. It isn’t like they are tricking or stealing from the company because it is being paid for. That is why other profiles are allowed to be added based on the amount you pay; it can be more or less. If I am paying a subscription then I’d expect I should be able to use it to its full potential.

Overall I do understand Netflix wants to make more money. Also not lose money from things that can be changed like account sharing they can easily put a ban and make sharing passwords illegal. But if you think about this, one of the reasons many people used netflix. 

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Netflix  encouraged  others to share in 2017 tweeting “love is sharing a password.”

— Netflix

Sharing passwords helps many and this ban just makes Netflix seem like they only care about money, not how their customers feel.