Does it End With Us?

“There’s no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who do bad things” – Ryle Kincaid


Let’s talk about It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. As I’m scrolling through Pinterest, I notice how often this book is mentioned in every book recommendation video I come across. I decided to read it and see for myself if it was worth it. It tells the story of Lily Bloom, someone who is torn between the ‘monster’ and the lover living inside Ryle, someone who means everything to her. 

I spent the majority of my weekend reading this book and all I can say is that this book is great. If you are someone who enjoys romance, I would definitely recommend this to you. Not only is the story structure set up well, once in a while you get a few plot twists, which completely change the story and how you view it. It really brings light to the domestic abuse that many people face in their own toxic relationships. It’s not just about “oh just leave, it’s easy”, it’s hard for someone going through such a scenario because you want to believe what is not there. 

Growing up, Lily grew had an abusive father. He would physically abuse her mother, something that has affected Lily negatively. She felt a sense of hatred, knowing this was her father. She would stay in her room conscious that outside of it, her mother would be screaming in terror while she receives hits from someone who claimed to be with her during sickness and in health. Resentment built inside of her, wondering why her mother stayed, why she was with a man who would only cause her harm. Now a grown adult, her father passed away and she was to talk about the great things of a man who never brought anything good to her. The words never came out of her mouth. 

That’s when she meets Ryle Kincaid (neurosurgeon).They both feel the attraction when they first meet. Ryle at first, seemed to struggle with the thought of a relationship but he was willing to do anything as long as he had Lily by his side. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, she had left an imprint on him. As the relationship progresses and turns into something more serious, that’s when everything doesn’t seem like sunshine and rainbows, especially when her first love reappears into her life. 

Ryle’s temper grows when they are in disagreement, a potential danger to Lily. She’s in denial, aware that he hurts her. That’s when the thought of him being like her father enters her mind. That’s when she is aware that she is in a similar situation as her mother once was but doesn’t see it that way. She’s confused about whether she should leave him or go back to him because Ryle is her best friend, her lover, and her lifeline but she cares about her physical and emotional health.

Just Keep Swimming

— Atlas Corrigan

I’m going to leave that up to you whether you wish to find out. 

There are somethings in the book that I believe to be flawed: 

  • Ryle is introduced as an abusive character, with anger issues. He is a literal walking red flag. Lily should’ve walked away when she saw him kicking a chair to let out his anger. 
  • Their relationship is quick. They never took the time to know each other. They met once and had a talk like they knew themselves since forever. During this talk, Ryle is quick to mention that he desires Lily. They don’t meet again until 6 months later and Ryle persists on a one night stand with her. You don’t know when love will come knocking on your door, it’s something that takes time. This is very similar to just falling in love with the first handsome/pretty person that you see, it doesn’t work like that in reality. 
  • Every argument or problem ends up with them resolving it by being together…… I think in order to reason with someone, you’re supposed to talk it out, not make out. Like I mentioned before, if you’re a conscious person, you would know how to maturely solve your problems, especially being the adult you are. 
  • They aren’t aware of the basics of a relationship. They don’t talk with each other about life changing decisions. During the book, Ryle was presented with a job offer in Minnesota and he never intended to live in Boston forever, this would be something in his future. Lily straight away said she was not going to leave Boston because of her family, friends, and floral business. They had an argument and Ryle left to control his temper. When he arrived back home, he had a change of mind and decided that Lily was his success. I find this ridiculous because he spent a lifetime studying for this field. Lily mentioned that staying in Boston was for the best of both of them but it was only the best for her.