Michael Lepoutre The Man With The Big Smile

Norwalk High Alumni Give Back To The Community

Michael Lepoutre The Man with The Big Smile

Michael Lepoutre was a former student at Norwalk High School who graduated in 2010. While he was at Norwalk high he played several sports such as soccer, tennis and indoor track. He is now working at NHS as a math teacher and the boys varsity assistant soccer coach. I asked him why he decided to come back to Norwalk High School, he stated “I first started teaching in Fairfield and while I enjoyed it I felt I couldn’t connect with the kids as well as I wanted to. I wanted to come back to NHS because of the connection I had with my former teachers. They showed me how much they cared and I strongly believe I am who I am because of them. I knew I’d feel a real sense of pride again working at NHS.”