New Faces, Same Standards

Join us to see how the coaches plan on living up to the standards
New Faces, Same Standards

With the news of Coach Laughton retiring, everyone was waiting for a new face to step up and coach this prestigious program. The soccer team had been coached under Laughton for the past 16 years, in those 16 years, there have been 1 Class  LL state championship (2012), and 2 FCIAC titles (2012, 2021) along with other great achievements. With these standards, many people aren’t going to let just anyone into the position.

Then the news came out that Jose Canahui, an assistant coach for the past 5 years was stepping up. Canahui has had a lot of experience between playing in this program for 4 years (2011-2015), including playing and starting for the state championship team. He has coached pretty much since he’s been out of high school.

Canahui is well qualified for the job and knows how this program works inside and out. Bringing some of his past teammates and closest friends to coach with him, there’s something special within the locker room. From the freshman level all the way to his assistant coach they do it all, the work they put in is what they expect to get out of this season.

People are still skeptical and think that the program wont be the same, but after the early success in this season, people are starting to turn their heads. The boys and the new coaches have gotten off to a 2-0-1 start with wins over Wilton and New Canaan.  These new coaches are motivated to be the best and the motivation is showing in the way the team is playing.

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