Get To Know the Lacrosse Captains

Get to know the leaders of our Lacrosse teams.


Being a captain of any sport is an honored role. You are picked to run your team and to help establish the meaning behind being a part of the team. Therefore, the 2022 Girls Lacrosse Captains are Sofia Imbrogno and Sara Spielman. This is their second year being honored this role. Sara has played lacrosse since she was in third grade. When asked why she loves lacrosse she states, “I love the quick pace of the game and how every player can make the game theirs. There’s so much room for creativity and different skills making it fun to watch and participate in.” Before Sara played lacrosse, she played softball but once her brother got to high school, he decided to play lacrosse which is how she got introduced to lacrosse. Sara favorite pregame meal is pasta! Sofia has been playing lacrosse since 6th grade. What Sofia loves most about lacrosse is, “working towards a common goal with a determined group of girls and the family bond.” Sofia was inspired to play lacrosse by a family friend in 6th grade. Her pregame meal is a granola bar.

The Boys Lacrosse Captains are seniors Jack Cahill, Jackson MacDonald, George Torres, Tyler Belinsky, and Jake Bella. Jack Cahill and Jake Bella are returning captains who were honored this role last season. Jack has been playing lacrosse for 7 years. Jack loves lacrosse because “it takes skill and it shows how much effort you put into it”. His favorite pregame meal is bacon egg and cheese. George has been playing lacrosse for 4 years. What George loves about lacrosse is, “passing the ball on clears”. Tyler has been playing lacrosse for 7 years. Tyler loves lacrosse because of “how quick the game is”. His pregame meal is monkey bread. Jake has been playing lacrosse for 13 years. He loves “how fast the game moves”. Jake was inspired to play lacrosse by his dad. Jackson has been playing lacrosse for 4 years. He loves how “there is always action during the game”. His pregame meal is bacon-egg and cheese.

When asked to describe lacrosse in one word Sara stated finesse, Jack stated intense, George stated lit. crazy. movie, Tyler stated fast-paced, Jake stated quick, and Jackson stated action-packed.