Thank you, Mr. Romano

Learn more about everyone’s favorite Special Education teacher and lacrosse coach: Robert Romano


Rachel Miller, Paw Print Editor

The best teachers coach their students and the best coaches are great teachers.

— Grant Teaff

Both a teacher and a coach, Mr. Romano has built a special bond with his athletes and other students he teaches. “I like that as a teacher he can help the athlete type and then other students who he wouldn’t usually get to see if not for teaching,” says Romano.

As a former Norwalk High School alum, graduated in 2010, he was a bear pack leader and played lacrosse and football. At Norwalk High when he went, it was “simpler times.” The day went by slow and was a place where you could come and meet your friends with schoolwork on the side. There was less pressure on kids doing things they weren’t comfortable doing.

There was lots of school spirit, the basketball, soccer, football games were always packed. Romano says, “It was not just about supporting the team, it was about supporting friends on the team.”

Back then, bear pack leader had no chosen title, kids with the most spirit led making it not a popularity role.

He also recalls his time in the Quidditch Club. Quidditch is a sport invented by JK Rowling in her famous book series Harry Potter. They had hula hoops on pipes and was lots of fun.

Another big part of Romano’s high school experience was lacrosse. His journey dates back to middle school.

In middle school, Rob played football and biddy basketball, wanting to play a legit sport. His best friend who was from Trinidad, Ray just started playing lacrosse, “Rob you should play.” He ended up going to watch during their winter pre-season, indoor. When he touched a stick, he scored a goal.

During his days in Norwalk Junior Lacrosse, he played defense and midfield, split time with goalie-ended up being starting goalie.

Another fun fact about Rob is that he enjoys smoking food! Smoking is the process of flavoring, browning, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. His friend, Cam got a meat smoker as a present during covid. Romano has always been a great cook and it is a passion of his, he got hooked on the smoker. He smokes chicken, wings, brisket, and the famous cheese stuffed bacon wrapped onion rings

Romano didn’t plan on being a teacher, he went to college for business. He knew he didn’t want to be a business major because the first day a kid showed up in a full suit and a briefcase, he knew it wasn’t for him. He came back to Norwalk in 2012 at Tracey Elementary. That was where he realized he enjoyed working with students. Soon after, he went to Southern Connecticut State University, got a teaching degree, graduated with honors. He remembered the fun teachers in Norwalk and always wanted to give back to Norwalk Community and to the people it produces.

One last thing about Mr. Romano that an interview alone might not reveal is how thoughtful and caring he is. Starting my junior year, the girl’s lacrosse team needed a goalie and as a goalie in field hockey, I knew it was something I immediately wanted to test out. Even though I am a confident person, I will admit I was a little scared to try something so new to me. Then Coach Martinez introduced me to Coach Rob, the only thing I remember about that day was his big goofy smile, I was a little less scared. As a new lacrosse goalie, he taught me and continues to teach me all the aspects of the game while lightening up any room with a funny story or joke. Mr. Romano has taught me that you should do tasks with an intent to not only work hard, but have fun. Sometimes in hard work, the fun gets ripped out of it. However, that’s the best part. His kind-hearted spirit can make anyone’s sad day into the best day of their month, a trait that is very rare. Being such a one-of-a-kind person and coach, he inspires me to always do better in my everyday life and to continue to do what make you happy because that is what makes life fun. Thank you Mr. Romano for making me into a better player and person. (and for giving me a room to go into during my open end, A days, semester two of my junior year)