A Goalie’s Dream Come True

Senior Goalie and Captain Rachel Miller Scores Her First Goal in the Field Hockey Team’s Annual ‘Green and White Game’

Matt Remson, Johnluca Milone, and Pace Heatly

In countless sports across the world, goalies can only dream about scoring a goal themselves due to the high level of responsibility they have as the last line of defense.

However, that mentality didn’t stop Senior Captain Rachel Miller from branching out and scoring her very first goal in the Field Hockey Team’s annual ‘Green and White Game’.

It was truly a dream come true.”

— Rachel Miller

The Green and White Game is a yearly end of season event the Field Hockey program holds to celebrate the hard work of the players and to end the season on a positive note. The girls are split up into two teams–the green team and the white team. From there, they play against each other in a competitive game where all of the girls can have fun, and in this case, try new things. This year, Miller stepped away from goaltending and played out on offense. How did it go? “It was truly a dream come true. I never thought I would score a goal and this was the perfect ending to my high school career.” said Miller.

Miller’s Field Hockey career started her freshman year at Norwalk High. She took after her mom, Cathy, who also played goalie at Westhill High School in Stamford. Miller said she “wanted to keep the tradition going.” Her coach, Kyle Seaburg touched upon the fact that Miller had very big shoes to fill when she chose to play goalie, but that only motivated Miller to be the best she could possibly be in her high school career. Seaburg shared a few impactful quotes about Miller’s drive and heart for the game. “She sets her mind on something and gets it done.”


As Miller’s final season playing Field Hockey has come to a close, scoring her first goal brought everything full circle. She scored on a reverse sweep, which Coach Seaburg said is “not an easy shot”. A few of her teammates shared their thoughts on Miller’s goal. Julia Dennehy, a junior on the team said, “Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting it to go in. But when it did, I obviously celebrated with Rachel, and she did the worm!” Campbell Heatly, also a junior on the Field Hockey team, shared her thoughts as well. “Even though I was on the opposing team, I felt super excited for her because I knew how bad she wanted to score in that game,” said Heatly. “Her face lit up and the whole team came together to celebrate with her which was definitely the highlight of the season.”


Congratulations to Rachel on not only scoring her first goal, but all around a successful Field Hockey career at Norwalk High. You can find her on the basketball court this winter and back on the field for lacrosse in the spring.