Multi Sport Madness

How playing multiple sports can make you stronger, faster and smarter.

The grind for one season is hard enough, but the grind for multiple seasons is even harder. However there are many physical and mental advantages to playing more than one sport.

According to USA Today High School Sports, 71%  of Division I football players played more than one sport in high school. Multisport athletes are proven to be better athletes. Players and coaches like JJ Watt, Urban Meyers, and Dabo Swinney always speak out on why kids should be multi-sport athletes. Coach Meyers has said before that he recruits athletes not players that only specialize in football. Playing more than one sport can also help with developing new skills and working out different muscles in your body. Playing two sports can also affect you in the classroom. Most kids keep their grades up during the season because of their rigorous schedule compared to those in the offseason who may procrastinate from all of their free time. Aj Monteiro, Casey Donnelly are some of these multi-sport athletes that we have at Norwalk High School. Aj Monteiro (Senior) is one of the multi-sport athletes he’s a running back for Norwalk high Football and he also does shot put in track. When the football season is over you can see Aj in the weight room, but he also is getting ready for the track season. Another multi-sport athlete is Casey Donnelly, (Junior) she is a soccer player for Norwalk High School, a track sprinter and she also plays lacrosse. During the offseason, Casey still plays club soccer but she also competes during the track season. She is well known for her sprinting.