Encanto Movie Review

The cherry on top ending our year on a high note, a new Disney movie.


A blessing or a curse?

As a society, we have been so virtually interactive that something as simple as a Disney movie can really lift our spirits. With all of this quarantining, people are left with no choice but to put on some form of entertainment. We have become so comfortable with staying home and streaming movies from our couch that it was heaven to see a new movie. 

New movie releases have been getting as much hype as albums from big artists, and Encanto seems to have met a lot of people’s expectations. A movie that is typically meant for ages 8 and under has now become overwhelmingly popular in the young adult section. Many parents and teens have been sharing their love for the movie on Tik Tok.

The super relatable characters make everybody feel as if Disney has taken their family and hit copy and pasteEncanto is a movie about a fifteen year old girl, Maribel Madrigal who seeks the key to her future. At first, the family looks to be magical, one where everybody was given a special power to help keep up their community, and then we see their all true colors. 

Tia Pepa controls the weather with her emotions, Tio Bruno sees into the future, Mama Julieta can heal you with a meal, Luisa has super strength, Isabela grows flowers, Dolores can hear anything and everything, Camillo shape shifts into whoever he wants to be, Antonio talks to animals and Mirabel wasn’t given a gift.

As the iconic Disney plot, it is up to Mirabel to save the fate of the Madrigals. They are riding on her to find out more about her Tio Bruno. None of the family members remember him as he disappeared many years ago. 

Encanto is relatable no matter who you are. It takes real life problems and gives us a sense of normalcy. We can see that many people go through the same things we do. Many of us constantly hide our true emotions (Tia Pepa), take care of others before ourselves (Julieta), take on too much pressure (Luisa), act perfect (Isabela), and pretend to be someone we’re not (Camilo). 

It’s very refreshing to be able to relate to something, especially knowing that so many people around the world do too. Encanto has been trending all over Tik Tok over the past two months and we can see everybody’s interpretations and reactions! It’s exciting to have something positive for society to enjoy all together. 

Should people watch it? If given the chance, Encanto is worth the watch. Everybodys talking and singing about it!