Bear Pack Leader – Jack Cahill

Christi Malaterra, Paw Print Reporter


Jack Cahill is one of our bear pack leaders for the 2022 school year. Jack Cahill, a 17 year old athlete who plays football, lacrosse and wrestles throughout the school year. Jack happens to play sports throughout the whole year leaving Anthony to run the bear pack by himself for some games when he is playing on the field. Jack told us that he fully trusts and believes that Anthony is able to run the bear pack by himself and does not worry about him being alone when he is on the field. When I spoke to Jack, he gave us some sneak peeks into the upcoming themes for the games such as 80’s out, 90’s out, jail theme, and jungle/safari theme. Jack mentioned if fans want to be updated daily and know where the games are and when, they can follow the nhsbearpack instagram to make sure they don’t miss any games.