Bear Pack Leader – Anthony Bonnaddio

Anthony Bonaddio is our other bear pack leader for the 2022 school year. Anthony Bonaddio is also a 17 year old athlete who plays baseball in the springtime. Since Jack plays so many sports, Anthony has to take control of the bear pack himself for some games. When asked how he feels about that, he said it’s intimidating to take control of a crowd by himself, but he has good friends around him to help and it is no longer a problem. Anthony filled us in on some changes that they are doing to encourage students to come to games that students would not   usually go to such as field hockey games and girls soccer. Anthony, Jack, and Olivia are selling rally towels for students to purchase and hold at every game to show their support and school spirit. Them selling rally towels is a great tradition that they have started and can carry on for many more years. Anthony reminded us that they have an instagram for fans to follow so they know when and where the games are.