Welcome Back, Bear Pack

The NHS Boys Soccer team expresses how the bear pack impacts their games


The Bear Pack strikes again.

The Norwalk High Boys Soccer team began their 2021 season and the Bear Pack was ready to make a difference. This was the first appearance of  ‘The Pack’ since 2019.  “Impressive”, said Captain and starting goalkeeper Jake Godwin,  in describing  impact of the Bear Pack during their home opener. Diego Ramirez,  Captain, was asked what last season was like with no fans, “there was no atmosphere and the only people cheering for us were our own team.”

Jaylen Brown, Sophomore and member of ‘The Pack’  says, “I like how everyone comes to the games and supports one another.” Cam Edwards, Senior, also stated, ” I like how everyone can have fun and show school spirit. My favorite chant has got to be, I believe we will win.”

Follow @nhsbearpack for more information on game days and where the pack is going next! The video linked gives an inside glimpse on the team and what the boys soccer team have to say about the Bear Pack.