Who is the All-Time Best Disney Princess?

The best Disney princess of all time is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 

The 1991 classic Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, is about a conceited young prince who falls into a spell that turns him into a beast. This spell is broken once he learns to fall in love regardless of how he looks. The Beast captures Belle’s father and imprisons him. Belle learns to forgive the beast, as she slowly cures the spell. 

Belle is the best Disney princess because of her strong characteristics, she is brave enough to go against society norms, she does not mind being different from everyone else, and will fight anyone who tries to hurt her family. She never has trouble speaking her mind, and always stands up for what she believes in. In the movie the townspeople did not like Belle because she was “odd,” but despite this, she stayed true to herself and her beliefs.

Not only is she brave and strong, she is also loving and kind, she teaches young children how important family is and the values of standing up for them, and whatever else may be important to you. She promotes reading and education. She is the best role model for little kids everywhere. 

The reason she is my favorite princess is because she is not like the other princesses. She does not fall head over heels for some guy who wears a crown, and has a title. She is perfectly capable of being single and loving herself. She shows young girls and boys how to be independent and happy with yourself. Although when she eventually does fall in love with the beast she is open minded, she falls in love with the beast’s character rather than his looks. 

Overall the story of Beauty and the Beast has so many major lessons in it, and the main character, Belle single-handedly taught them herself.