Were Things Built Better In The Past?

Paw Print editor discusses the structural integrity of items built in the past compared to items built today.



The chair I am sitting on while writing this piece was built in 1971, and I’m still sitting on it today, because in the 70s things were built to last. The chair you’re sitting in while reading this is maybe tops about 6 years old and will break in a matter of years or months. I guess you’ll have to buy a new one, because that’s the way the companies want it to be, so you have to keep buying from them. They control quality and get the consumer to buy more. 

Like I said before, the chair I am sitting in while writing this is 51 years old, the chairs in the DMCA are only six years old and they’re already breaking. This is because in the past things were built using stronger materials. According to home improvement channel HGTV’s website(HGTV.com)”even mass-produced furniture from before 1960 is sturdier and better made than today’s cheap furniture”  Many things don’t last as long as they used to. Whether it be cars, appliances, furniture. They’re just not as well built as they used to be. 

Take houses for instance, houses in the past were built to last longer than the houses built with drywall today. They are built with plaster and lath instead of drywall which makes them more structurally sound( according to yourownarchitecht.com) in other words, houses were simply built with better materials that lasted longer which is why so many antique houses have stood for such a long time. In addition the lumber used was much heavier for houses from the mid 1900s than they are today in newer houses. According to yourownarchitecht.com “ not a lot of buildings can compare to the building quality of older homes from the mid-1900s. That’s because they’re mainly handcrafted using high-quality materials by builders who understood the importance of paying attention to the details’ ‘.  

The same is true about cars. According to Lelandwest.com cars are more durable and sturdier because they were built to last longer. The same is true for stoves. according to slate.com “stoves manufactured in the first years after World War II are superior to the hybrids foisted on today’s microwave world. ” so it seems almost everyone agrees, things were built better in the past.