Kazu Japanese Restaurant

A review of a Japanese restaurant in South Norwalk.


Kazu Japanese Restaurant is located at 64 N Main St, in Norwalk, CT. This restaurant is in a nice location, right next to the Sono Cinema. It is a great opportunity to grab a bite to eat and then go to a movie. Main St in South Norwalk also has many other stores to discover after or before stopping for some lunch.

Kazu offers both the dine-in experience, or take-out for the days you want to stay home and have some sushi. Their menu has a wide variety of sushi rolls and specials, or a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. With that, each dish is presented in a lovely and mouth-watering display.

Many positive reviews note that the food is delicious, with wonderful service, and a welcoming environment. One review included that “They have a great menu selection and the service staff are the best.” Another review noted that “The food is pretty amazing here and the service is one of a kind.”

My experience at Kazu was just as nice as these reviews shared. Because I have had plenty of sushi before, I wanted to try the basics and classic rolls that they had and go from there. The food that I tried, which was the tuna rolls, and the California rolls, were delicious. The fish tasted very fresh, and well prepared. The price for these was pretty reasonable as well, with the tuna at $6.75 and the California rolls at $5.75.

As for the service, I did find a few negative reviews on the staff’s attitude, however it was dated back to a while ago so I didn’t consider it reliable. The staff there were very friendly, contrary to those past reviews, and the service was exceptional as well. The interior of the restaurant is nicely decorated and all of the tables are well spaced out. The light fixtures above create a warm and comfortable dining environment. Other than that, the color scheme and decorations around the restaurant are very nice and add to the pleasant atmosphere.

Overall, I would recommend trying out Kazu, with their comfy atmosphere, great service, and delicious food.