What We Can Expect for the 2021 Award Shows and Dates

For many, including myself, movie award shows are a thrilling experience where the public anticipates who will win and further bicker over who they think should have won. I know I was very opinionated about the winner of the best picture last year. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood should have won, just saying! In the wake of COVID-19, film production has been delayed. The unfortunate postponement was felt deeply in the film community. On the bright side, this does not mean we will miss out on an award season. Just last month, the Emmys were held and the broadcast gives us a taste of what we can expect to see in 2021.

The ceremony went virtual this year and nominees tuned in from remote locations, some even in the Staples Center with host Jimmy Kimmel. Remarkably enough, Emmy executive producers and staff managed to make the ceremony feel incredibly authentic and handed out real statues to every winner. The footage of the audience that played during Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue was not live but rather edited – a phenomenal job that I will say they deserved an award for. 

People in hazmat suits stood idle outside where every nominee was located with a statue in hand, first off I think I’d scream at the sight of it but that’s beside the point. They did not know whether or not they were at the winner’s house until it was announced. They pulled this off by pre-recording every nominee’s name and only airing that of the winner’s. Which I think was so well done although if I were a nominee that lost I’d probably close the blinds and sulk.

 I couldn’t count the number of times I have said “I love award season!” or “I can’t wait for award season!” The award shows have always been something I looked forward to watching tremendously after the holiday season ends. It’s practically become a tradition to watch simultaneously with my best friend. So you could imagine our disappointment when we found out they would be pushed back an entire month. I completely understand the circumstances but I can’t help but sense the boredom January and the first few weeks of February will have in store. Nonetheless, the award season is still a go! I absolutely cannot wait to see what the red carpet looks will be like. To kick off the new year I hope they aren’t horrid. They should go all out in the creative realm. I mean come on who wouldn’t want to see that! In my opinion, it’s been far too long since I could consider the looks to be showstopping

To kick off the 2021 award show season the very first ceremony will be the Golden Globe Awards on February 28th. In March we are met with a total of four major ceremonies. The first being the Critics Choice Awards on the 7th. On the 14th will be the Screen Actors Guild, a personal favorite. The Writers Guild of America Awards will fall on the 21st and following that, just three days later is the Producers Guild of America Awards. The last month of the award shows is in April and it will be the most packed, rounding up a total of seven major ceremonies. Six days into the month the Visual Effects Society Awards will be held. Four days later not only will the Art Directors Guild Awards take place but so will the Directors Guild of America Awards. The following day on the 11th the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards will take place. The Annie Awards falls on the 16th and eight days later on the 24th will be the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Last but most definitely not least proceeding the Spirit awards on the 25th will be the Oscars.

As I have deemed the Emmys a huge success given the circumstances viewers, especially me, are very excited to see how networks will pull off the upcoming award shows. I know I most definitely will be marking my calendar and tuning in!