Netflix’s New Show Muderville

Murderville Was Mid


Devon Small, Paw Print Reporter

Recently released to Netflix on February 3, 2022 was a new show called Murderville. The show follows Senior Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett), Homicide Division. Every new episode he is accompanied with a brand new trainee partner, which is a new celebrity guest star. He had a total of six partners throughout the show who includes Conan O’Brien, Marshawn Lynch, Kumail Nanjiani, Annie Murphy, Sharon Stone, and Ken Jeong. The catch of the show is that every one in the cast has a script except the new celebrity guest who has to improvise and go along with the crazy things Arnett puts them through. 

When I saw the names that were going to appear in this show I had very high hopes. Conan O’Brien was the episode I was most excited to watch and see what he would be able to improve.

The show did make me have a few laughs but at the end of the season I found myself disappointed.”

It felt like the celebrities were having trouble coming up with things to improvise with to make the show more interesting and funny but at the end of the day it all seemed to fall on Arnett to try to pull anything from the guests, they mostly would just agree with what he was saying and did not seem to make their character their own.

One things I was surprised to enjoy about the show was that you yourself could try and come up with the murderer for that episode. At the beginning of the show they show you the murder scene along with the clues that come with it, as the show goes on we are introduced to three subjects who throughout there scene drop some hints to who they are and how they can maybe be associated with the murder. At the end of the show the celebrity has to try and decide who they believe the murderer was and I found it fun and interesting to try and figure it out for myself. It made the show more interactive and makes you want to pay attention to the little details more. 

The show wasn’t everything that I wanted it to be but it did have some enjoyable moments and there are some episodes that are better than others. Marshawn Lynch’s improv was surprisingly very impressive, he was really funny and did a good job of using the things Arnett was saying to him and making them his own. If you are interested in just watching an episode whether to see if you like it or just to watch a celebrity you specifically like you do not have to worry too much about starting at the beginning, though there are some plot lines that are carried through each episode they aren’t too important and you can definitely understand the show without following them.